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All the Milford Eye Clinic surgeons provide general ophthalmic care. This covers a wide spectrum of issues ranging from a routine eye check for glaucoma to sudden changes in vision. In some cases, an initial examination will result in referral to a specialist with special expertise in managing the particular problem identified.

Examples of general ophthalmology services offered by the clinic are;

  • Glaucoma Checks
  • Evaluation and treatment of inflamed or infected eyes
  • Evaluation of changes in vision – sudden or gradual
  • Treatment of ocular discomfort and dry eyes
  • Evaluation of neurological conditions affecting the eyes and vision
  • Driving licence review if people have failed the test

During a typical consultation the surgeon may do some or all of the following;

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Record your list of medications. (If you are on prescription medications, please bring a list with you)
  • Measure your vision using an eye chart
  • Evaluate your spectacle requirement (please bring your current glasses with you)
  • Check your colour vision
  • Test your visual fields
  • Examine your eye movements and muscle balance
  • Examine the eyes using a bio-microscope
  • Measure the pressure in the eyes
  • Measure the thickness of the corneas
  • Perform a neurological examination of the cranial nerves
  • Check your blood pressure and do a basic cardiovascular examination

Glasses prescriptions

All our doctors are skilled in “refraction” – the estimation of a person’s spectacle requirement – but if your requirement is simply to have glasses prescribed we prefer that you deal primarily with one of the local Optometrists who can also make up your glasses or dispense contact lenses.

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